Collaboration project with shoe designer & artist
Polina Krichko

A spin on a classic ‘what if’ game. An exploration of speculative future concepts as painted by modern science and reinterpreted by the artists.

EIDOS depicts landscapes years in the future. In a setting vaguely resembling the Earth, an object goes through different development stages: Formation, Mutation, Adaptation and Integration. All scenes are shuffled into a chaotic flow.

Hero’s journey

'1 + 1 = 3' – is a motto of this collaboration, we were looking for the third entity from the sum of two.

Polina designed a sneaker which was then scanned and placed in the CG environment. 

Initial idea was to build a world around the sneaker, to visualize interaction between a world and the artefact. Where the sneaker is placed and why? How this world looks like and according to what laws it operates?

Early sketches

Our research led us to creation of the whole amusement park with different locations which exists by their own rules.

Formulating a linear narrative we deconstruct it and tend to find a new flow in dynamic coherence between visuals and sound.

Shout-out to Artur Strekalov aka mu tate for creating perfect sonic pallete for this film.


Flesh & bone

EIDOS is just a snippet of a bigger story which will be fully unveil in a future.


DIRECTION & DESIGN – Yaroslav Svyatykh & Polina Krichko       CG – Yaroslav Svyatykh       MUSIC – mu tate       3D SCAN – Twin 3D